Commercial Offices

A clean office environment improves employee morale, reduces sick days and provides your clients, and customers with a professional environment in which to do business.

Complete Floor Care

Everyday wear and tear can leave your tile floors looking dull and worn. Stripping and waxing will extend the life of your floors, making those dull and worn floors look new again.

Construction Cleaning

Construction Clean Up

After the construction crew leaves, we clean all areas including rough clean to final sparkling clean and ready for occupancy.

Cleaning products

Janitorial Supply Management

As an additional service, we will manage and inventory your janitorial supplies and paper products.

Medical Facilities Cleaning

Medical Facilities

Germ free, sanitized surrounding are necessary in any medical facility, therefore, by using only hospital grade products and vacuums with HEPA filters we can ensure you a germ free, sanitized environment.

Emergency Cleaning

Emergency Services and Flood Remediation

Water can be damaging when out of control, we provide flood assessment, extraction and drying services when you need it.